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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions 

A “Consumer” as defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (i.e. an individual who receives services or uses facilities for his/her personal use and for purposes wholly or mainly outside the purposes of any business of that individual or another) is defined here as a "Dancer".

A “Trader” as defined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (i.e. a person acting for purposes relating to that person’s trade, business, craft or profession, whether acting personally or through another person acting in the trader’s name or on the trader’s behalf), defined here as "Marianne Move", or an "Instructor".

A "Service" provided by the "Trader" here is defined as a "Dance Class" and includes but it not limited to group classes, private classes, wedding dance classes, etc.

2. Registration 

Registration is only possible online through this website. A Dancer will be asked to create a profile to safely store information about bookings, payment and upcoming Dance Classes. Registration can be done without a profile too. 

3. Booking and Cancellation of Classes, Expulsion, and Consumer Rights

A Dancer can register and book a Dance Class up to 15 minutes before the time of the Dance Class. Booking can be made by email if agreed with Marianne Move and paid in advance through bank transfer if online booking is proven impossible for the Dancer.

Cancellation by Marianne Move can be made up to 24h before the Dance Class without a Refund. The Dancer will get a Credit to be used for a future Dance Classe. If cancellation by Marianne Move is made less than 24h before the Dance Class, the Dancer will be entitled for a Refund or a Credit. 

Cancellation by the Dancer made up to 24h before the Dance Class leads to a Credit to be used for a future Dance Class. Cancellation by the Dancer made less than 24h before the Dance Class and without a Valid Reason (see below) will not be entitled to a Refund or a Credit.

A Valid Reason is defined by a medial emergency, COVID-19 symptoms, death, injury or emergency in the family and court order only.

The Instructor can apply Expulsion towards a Dancer if the Dancer presents COVID-19 symptoms, has a dangerous behaviour that could potentially hurt another Dancer, the Instructor, or the Dancer himself, damages or threatens to damage the Dance Class room and environment.

4. Fees and Payment

Fees for a Dance Class are subject to change with prior notice from Marianne Move through this website, the subscribers to the newsletter and Marianne Move"s Instagram Account.

Fees are fully shown on this website with no additional fees.

Payment must be fully completed before the Dance Class using online payment solution only. 

5. Fitness, Health and Safety 

By registering on Marianne Move and booking a Dance Class, the Dancer acknowledges that their personal physical health is in good condition, no with previous sirup injuries that could be impacted by a Dance Class. Marianne move is not responsible for any injury caused during the Dance Class, but the Instructor will make sure to the best of their ability to deliver a full warm-up and a safe space with advice on how to act to limit the risks.

Marianne Move is not responsible to any injury caused by the environment of the Dance Class or the clothing worn by the Dancer. The Dancer must dress accordingly to the Dance Class and to their own body limitations. Any dance movements further practiced outside of the Dance Class (i.e. at home) could cause injuries if done in the wrong way and Marianne Move can not be held responsible.

Safety measures are applied to ensure security throughout the Dance Classes.

6. Rules 

Marianne Move and the Instructor will inform the Dancer of all the rules to be respected during a Dance Class. Failure to respect those rules might lead to Expulsion of the Dance Class and further Dance Classes.

7. Gift Vouchers 

Marianne Move can allow Promo Code, Gift Vouchers and Credits to a "Dancer" with a maximum of one use each. To purchase a Gift Voucher, the Dancer can contact Marianne Move. A Credit code, if applied, will be sent by email only and the Dancer must use it by the expiry date. A Promo Code can be use when published in a newsletter on through social media until it teaches its maximum use. Marianne Move can not guarantee that a Dancer can use a Promo Code if seen online.

8. Events beyond our reasonable control 

Events beyond our control such fire, water damage or closure of the Room by the Owner or the Council will results into a Credit for the Dancer if the postpone Dance Class date is within the following 6 months. If not possible, a Refund will be issued to the Dancer. 

9. Changes to Terms and Conditions 

Changes to these Terms and Conditions if any will be announced by email to all subscribers or the newsletter and any Dancer to has booked a Dance class in the previous 12 months.

10. Personal Information (Data Protection) 

Personal Information asked through the Booking process will only be stored for security and safety purposes by Marianne Move. Personal Information won't be shared with third parties and/or used to conduct business and transaction. Personal Information such as email and phone number will be used only for Booking purposes, such as proof of payment, reminders, credits, cancellations, and newsletters. 

11. Use and diffusion of Personal Image

During a Dance Class, the Instructor will ask the Dancer for their consent to being photographed, filmed and/or posted on social media of Marianne Move fore the sole purpose of illustrating the choreographies. If a Dancer wishes to not appear in photos and videos, the Dancer is asked to inform the Instructor and step outside the filming area. If no objection is made at the time of the consent, the Dancer then gives consent to be filmed. If the Dancer wished to film or photographed theirselves, it is the Dancer's responsibility to make sure no one without Consent is inside the filming area. Marianne Move and the Instructor will not be responsible for diffusion of Personal Image made by another Dancer if wrongly conducted.

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